The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman


I started writing a review for this book and couldn’t continue, wich was surprising considering how much I enjoyed it. I think the reason it’s basically that I was trying to summarize the story instead of telling you how much this book meant to me. It was a long time since I have read a children book and perhaps that affected the way I perceived it. The book is a marvelous mix of mistery, heart and memories, that it’s how I can best describe it. The story is loosely based in another children classic, the famous Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and even though I have not read that one it’s now on my TBR list.

The Graveyard book starts off as any other regular mistery/horror, with murderer, our protagonist’s family murderer. And despite his very young age, Nobody Owens (yes that’s his name) slips inadvertently from the hands of the killer and finds himself wandering through an old graveyard that becomes his new home. In this dusty place he finds new parents, friends and even a scary godfather.


My first experience with Neil Gaiman couldn’t have been better! It is an exceptional story, full with myths, magic and hard lessons to learn where I found myself admiring the resilence and ligthness of heart with which the main character goes through them. The book contains a series of lessons on life despite being told by ghosts.

The sweetness of novel is balanced out with the gothic elements, so you never feel overwhelmed by it. The characters feel genuine, their corky and otherwordly nature just makes you fall in love with everyone. One of my favorite books this year without a doubt.



I must confess

I must

Until recently I read mostly in spanish, my english vocabulary was far too narrow and the gross of the books I chose had a very distintive purpose. Ease the way to a new laguage by entertainment only. I fled from hardest and therefore more fulfilling readings. I was scared and yet intrigue from my usual authors in their original texts. Their voices so familiar to me before, sounded now convoluted and alien.

But there was an inflexion point not long ago when YA fantasy novels were just not enough. My soul was craving for more elaborated stories, with a deeper meaning and more human characters.

Life needed beauty, and I founded it bubbling in books. Even when they depicted amoral violent sinners there was so much beauty in the descriptions that I became utterly obsessed. I needed more.

Once you have started reading, talking (or in my case writting) about your experiencies feels natural. Although this might be more private that I suspected.

Hello World!

I decided to create this small blog with just books in mind. Also, english is not my first language so I can not think it would be easy, but hopefully it will be fun.

Hello to my future readers if any of you will exist… and to my future self try not giving up too soon, we know you have a bag full of those bones in your closet. Life some times is hard, but mostly it can be quite dull and for that, we have friends. Some of thoses friends come in cheap paperback covers and others are completely intangibles. Still we share our hours and our heart with them like with no other living creature.

Some of those lovely friends are books…